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Mr. Dan Fager

 Congregation President

Kewaunee, Wisconsin   54216

  1. The president of the congregation shall preside at all meetings of the council and voting membership, and shall perform such other duties as may be asked of him in the Bylaws or by resolution of the congregation. He shall be considered an advisory member of all boards and committees. All boards, committees, societies, groups, etc. in the congregation shall be responsible to the President, and he shall be welcome at any and all meetings of such groups, either in person or as represented by such person or persons as he may designate.
  2. The President, in conjunction with the Pastor and board chairmen shall be responsible for the preparation of the agenda for all council and Voters’ meetings.
  3. The President, together with the Secretary, shall be responsible for the keys and contents of the safe deposit box (if needed).
  4. The President, together with the Secretary, shall be responsible for all official correspondence including transfers, releases, congratulatory letters, mission subscription, calls, etc.; and shall sign all official documents and contracts that have been negotiated by the various boards and committees and approved by the congregation.
  5. At least annually, he shall appoint an auditing committee consisting of three voting members of the congregation other than the Treasurer or Financial Secretary to audit the financial records of the congregation, including all organizational accounts. In addition, the committee will be responsible for an audit of the permanent records of the congregation including congregational minutes, Pastoral acts, etc. The auditing committee’s report, prepared as requested by the President, shall be presented at a Voters’ meeting.
  6. He shall appoint a Constitution review committee to review the Constitution in accord with Article XII, Sect. 5, of the Constitution.
  7. The President is responsible for the duties of the Treasurer in the event of an inability by the Treasurer to act in accordance with the responsibilities assigned in Section 4 of this article, until arrangements can be made for a replacement to be appointed or until the Treasurer can resume his duties.
  8. He shall obtain legal information on the laws governing non-profit organizations, when needed.
  9. He shall have general supervision of the affairs of the congregation subject to the regulation of the Voters and conduct all its business affairs according to established good order.

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