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Mr. Glenn Brunner


Kewaunee, Wisconsin   54216

Board Members
Mr. Scott Kieckbusch
Mr. Bob Heiter

The nature of the duties of this board requires that only men noted for their Christian knowledge, zeal and experience in the spiritual work of the kingdom of Christ and respected in the congregation should be elected or appointed to membership. The board shall consist of at least three elected members, including the chairman, vice-chairman and Secretary. The chairman is also the vice-president of the congregation. The basic objectives of this board are the advancement and support of the various ministries, the spiritual welfare of the Pastor and congregation members and the supervision of everything pertaining to worship. Duties are categorized in three areas: Ministry, Worship and Membership.
Examples of duties, but not limited to, are:
  1. Provide for the spiritual, emotional and physical health and welfare of the Pastor and his family (adequate compensation, housing, free time, vacation, and assistance in time of illness, continuing education, etc.)  Use the Called Workers Care Committee (CWCC) to assist in these efforts.  Provide the chairman of the CWCC from the Elders Board.
  2. Assist the Pastor in counseling with individual and congregational issues to find God pleasing solutions to problems that arise in the congregation.
  3. Assist in the process of hiring a church secretary, make recommendations to the voting membership for approved candidates, and annually assess the salary and performance of this position.
  4. Annually review Pastoral responsibilities, making changes as needed, subject to approval by the Pastor and the Voters.
  5. Encourage participation of every congregational member in Bible study, privately and in formal groups.
  6. Provide opportunities for the development of talents (training courses, workshops, conferences and the like).
  7. Study the Scriptural principles regarding the total stewardship calling of the Christian as a member of his family, as a neighbor and citizen, and as a congregational member and share these insights with members of the congregation. Encourage stewardship programs in the societies and organizations of the congregation.
  8. Foster support for missions, various church and synod ministries and charities through mission information and education.
  9. Provide information as needed and liaison with available social agencies to find help for members with difficult mental, emotional or physical problems (preferably agencies of the Synod, or when necessary, of a private or public nature).
Examples of duties, but not limited to, are:
  1. Supervise the music program for the congregation, including the organist. Conduct annual salary reviews and provide needed supplies for the music program.
  2. Provide for vicars, substitute Pastors and guest speakers as needed.
  3. Supervise the staffing and training of ushers, greeters, bell ringers, electronic media and Audio/Visual support personnel.
  4. Work with the Pastor to select proper chancel furnishings, forms of worship, liturgy and hymns. Oversee the Altar Guild in the care and use of service vessels, altar furnishings, vestments, and altar flower arrangements. Provide needed supplies for worship services.
  5. Arrange for and publicize special services as required.
  6. Be responsible for the supervision of the Mother’s Room and nursery facilities during the worship services.
  7. Monitor and supervise the use of the church bulletin/information boards/banners, inside and outdoors. Recommend proper themes and messages for publication or posting. 
Examples of duties, but not limited to, are:
  1. Handle disciplinary actions in accordance with Article III. 
  2. Review the communion and church attendance of all members. Contact members and conduct visitations out of love for their spiritual welfare and to promote communication and active worship attendance.
  3. Determine the eligibility for membership of all individuals and families applying for membership in this congregation according to Article V of the Constitution and Article I of the Bylaws.
  4. Supervise the proper and orderly transfer of membership records to or from congregations we are in fellowship with. Confer with the Pastor in the process of accepting new members by profession of faith when applicable. 
  5. Support a program of visitation to sick, hospitalized, aged, handicapped, institutionalized and shut-ins of the congregation.  Also follow up on newborn children in the congregation to ensure they are baptized.
  6. Support Pastor in the instruction of youth and adults of the congregation to become confirmed members.
  7. Ensure a list of current members attending schools away from our community and area and people serving in the armed forces is maintained. Contact information will be shared with the WELS Special Ministries Board.
  8. Be responsible for the historical records and documents of the congregation.
  9. Provide and encourage the use of a church library.
  10. Encourage spiritual growth in the organization of the congregation through devotions and Bible studies.
  11. Review any requests for funds from outside the congregation and make recommendations to the church council.
  12. Review any donations, bequests, and endowments that are presented to the congregation and make recommendations to the church council.
  13. For administrative purposes and program development, oversee the work of the Ladies Aid, Men’s Club, OWLS and similar fellowship groups or societies and make recommendations to the council.
  14. Oversee Immanuel’s alms programs.
  15. Prepare and submit an annual budget.

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