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Mr. Scott Karnitz


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  1. The Secretary should be present at all Voters’ meetings of the congregation and at all meetings of the Church Council, and shall record accurately the proceedings of these meetings for revision and approval at the next regular meeting. He shall provide the Pastor and President a draft copy of the minutes as soon as possible following a meeting. If the Secretary is not present for regular or special meetings of the council or congregation, an acting Secretary shall be designated by the chairman to record the proceedings. The Secretary shall be responsible for the recording and distribution of the minutes taken by an acting Secretary.
  2. In addition to the working copy of all approved minutes, the Secretary shall enter all such minutes in a book or binder and be responsible for its safekeeping. All electronic records must be kept unless paper copies have also been maintained. These files shall become a legal record of the congregation.
  3. The Secretary shall prepare and distribute the agenda for all council and Voters’ meetings as provided by the President of the congregation.
  4. The Secretary, together with the President, shall sign all official correspondence, documents and contracts that have been negotiated by the various boards and committees and approved by the congregation.
  5. The Secretary, together with the President, shall be responsible for the keys and contents of the safe deposit box (if needed).
  6. He shall maintain the dated official copy of the Constitution, Bylaws and duties of boards & committees approved by the congregation.
  7. He should conduct an annual inventory of official documents (deeds, wills, articles of incorporation, etc.) in safekeeping and enter its completion in the official minutes of the congregation.
  8. In the event the Secretary is unable to carry out the duties of his office, the Treasurer shall countersign all deeds, mortgages, notes, leases, and/or all legal documents.
  9. In general, the Secretary shall perform all duties normally pertaining to his office and such additional duties as the voting membership may delegate to him.

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