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Mr. Jack Novak


Kewaunee, Wisconsin   54216

The Treasurer of the congregation shall be appointed annually by the Church Council and shall be ratified by the congregation at the annual Voters’ meeting. The Treasurer of the congregation shall:
  1. Be responsible for the accurate recording of congregational receipts and disbursements, including Called Worker accounts, and budgeted and actual expenditures according to proper accounting procedures. He shall suggest to the council improved accounting methods for congregational consideration and approval.
  2. Personally present a written, duplicated financial report at the regular Voters’ meeting, and at the regular Church Council meetings. Other reports should be prepared as required for presentation to the congregation.
  3. Submit permanent financial records for auditing as required.
  4. Coordinate with the council and boards the flow of monies from the treasury in such a way that an adequate balance is retained for the payment of salaries and other recurring expenses.
  5. Be responsible for remitting offerings, without delay, for missions and other designated church agencies, and make prompt payment of salaries and bills authorized for payment by the congregation.
  6. Remit payments to the professional workers of the church for documented expenses while attending professional workshops, conferences, conventions, etc., approved by the board under whose jurisdiction they function.
  7. Receive from the Financial Secretary a report of all monies received through worship services, special offerings, or any other source and duly record the same. Sign all checks for payment of bills, salaries, or any other financial commitments of the congregation.
  8. Have available for all boards a current record of their accrued disbursements and budget allotments and balances.
  9. Have the authority to work out with salaried workers of the congregation a breakdown of the workers total compensation into disbursements (taxes, deductions, etc.) as the worker requests.
  10. He shall have the power in the absence of the Secretary (or in his established inability for some other reason) to countersign all deeds, mortgages, notes, leases, and/or all legal documents, and shall assist in the orderly conduct of the congregation’s business affairs according to law. He shall also perform such other duties as may be asked of him in the Bylaws or by resolution of the congregation.
  11. In the event the Treasurer is unable to function, the President or the Secretary has the power to carry out his obligation.
  12. Coordinate the purchases of all boards, committees and groups within the congregation for economy, efficiency and ease of availability of items to be purchased.

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