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Mr. Brian Dax


Kewaunee, Wisconsin   54216

Board Members

Mr. Keith Schmeling
Mr. David Chaudoir
Mr. Chris Richard


The Board of Youth Christian Education shall consist of at least three members, including the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary. Additional members may be appointed as necessary. The basic objectives of this board are to plan and administer the youth education program of the congregation in conjunction with the Pastor.
Examples of duties, but not limited to, are:
  1. Be responsible for the Christian nurture of the youth of Immanuel.
  2. Establish objectives, suggest policies and supervise the education program for the youth of Immanuel, as approved by the Voters. Immanuel’s educational program includes the following: Little Lambs, Lutheran schools, Young People’s Society (YPS), Sunday school and Vacation Bible School.
  3. Receive information on curriculum, analyze the performance of the youth education program, recommend revisions and additions as needed and seek constant improvement.
  4. Make an annual analysis to determine the participation of the youth membership of the congregation in its education program and follow up on the uninvolved.
  5. Work with organizations and other boards and committees to coordinate the youth educational activities within the congregation.
  6. Provide information, in conjunction with the Evangelism Board, for the recruitment of pupils for the youth educational programs of the church.
  7. Approve the selection of qualified persons to administer and teach in the various youth educational programs of the congregation.
  8. Supervise the various youth educational programs of the congregation.
  9. Have a system of commendation for and recognition of faithful service by all persons involved in the youth educational programs of the congregation.
  10. Promote the educational opportunities provided by our area Lutheran schools and Wisconsin Lutheran College of Milwaukee.
  11. Consider provision of special education opportunities for the gifted, slow learners, the mentally retarded and the handicapped.
  12. Provide and/or promote subscriptions to church periodicals.
  13. Be responsible for the maintenance of a permanent file of all children through grade eight of the congregation by age, grade level, and the like and see to it that such a file is continually kept up to date (Example: Cradle Roll).
  14. Periodically examine the educational facilities, equipment and check on items relating to the safety of the students. Make recommendations to the Church Property Board as to upkeep, repairs and improvements or replacements needed as well as new equipment required.
  15. Develop methods for the integration of newly confirmed youth into appropriate programs or activities; e.g., Bible classes, Sunday school teachers, ushers, choir, etc.
  16. Recommend to the Church Council the amount of financial aid to be given to members attending area Lutheran schools and synod worker training schools.
  17. Prepare and submit an annual budget.
For young people’s work in the congregation, the objectives are to involve the young people of congregation in the work of Christ, provide for their spiritual growth and nurture, and to promote genuine Christian fellowship for the young people of Immanuel. Examples of duties, but not limited to, are:
  1. Promote attendance and involvement of the congregation’s youth at all youth activities.
  2. Encourage continuing spiritual growth of the young people of the congregation through Bible study, involvement in church functions and programs and by Christian service (ushers, choir, etc.).
  3. Plan and carry out, together with other concerned boards, a year-round fellowship and educational program for the young people on topics of current interest to them involving leaders from all parts of the congregation.
  4. Select and provide for the training of leaders for young people’s programs.
  5. Approve plans for special events to welcome the newly confirmed young people of the congregation and invite them to join the Young People’s Society.
  6. Communicate with the young people’s groups of our sister congregations for activities that can promote fellowship and spiritual nourishment to our own youth.
  7. Welcome and use college students during summer months for various young people’s activities if possible.
  8. Support and encourage young people for full time service in our church as Pastors, teachers and the like.
  9. For administrative purposes and program development, supervise the work of all youth groups in the congregation.
  10. Include in the annual budget of the Youth Christian Education Board such budget requests, which are needed for the young people’s work.

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