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Mr. Greg Hlinak


Board Members

Mr. Jeff Christian
Mr. Brian Ihlenfeldt
Mr. Steve Ihlenfeldt
Mr. Fred Steffen

The Board of Property shall consist of at least three members, including the elected chairman, vice-chairman and secretary. Additional members may be appointed as needed. The basic objectives of this board are proper maintenance, repair and use of church property.
That the objectives of this board may be carried out, the following specific responsibilities are assigned.
Examples of duties, but not limited to, are:
  1. Make an annual inspection of church property and equipment and recommend to the Voter’s assembly needed repairs, improvements or replacements.
  2. Carry out all resolutions of the Voters regarding purchases, repairs and replacements of church property.
  3. Arrange for immediate repairs of an urgent nature.
  4. Establish and maintain adequate custodial help.
  5. Establish and maintain the policies and procedures for the use of property. 
  6. Establish and maintain the policy and procedure for physical security of the church facilities and property. 
  7. Supervise, control and recommend adequate storage facilities for all church property, equipment, supplies and the orderly maintenance of the same.
  8. Enlist work crews for special projects and monitor their progress.
  9. Prepare and submit an annual budget request.

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