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Mrs. Julie Siegmund

 Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary of the congregation shall be appointed annually by the Church Council and shall be ratified by the congregation at the annual Voters’ meeting. The Financial Secretary of the congregation shall:
  1. Be responsible for the accurate counting, recording and immediate depositing of all receipts for the congregation in a local financial institution.
  2. Supervise the members of the finance committee and any needed recording secretaries in the performance of their assigned duties.
  3. Notify the Pastor and the Treasurer concerning contributions received from non-members.
  4. Be responsible for the issuance of statements to members showing their offerings. The frequency of notification shall be at least annually and at other times as determined by the Voters.
  5. Give a written financial report to the congregation quarterly or when requested by the President.
  6. Annually determine the number of members needed to carry out the duties of the finance committee. Submit the names of individuals selected to the council for approval. Upon approval by the council, the names shall be presented to the Voters for ratification.
  7. Annually review the contributions for all members and prepare end-of-year tax receipt statements.
  8. Order offering envelopes.
  9. Open envelope contributions and count the loose offerings only in the presence of at least two members of the finance committee, and require that at least one member of the finance committee assist in the depositing of money.
  10. Provide the Pastor, President and Treasurer with a record of all receipts deposited at the time of the deposit.

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