What can you expect when you are a guest at Immanuel Lutheran?

We strive for worship that is more timeless than traditional

Our services typically last about an hour. We’ll work hard to make sure you feel welcome. But we’ll also tell it like it is — helping you come face to face with your living and loving God.

The focus will always be Jesus and the Bible. To make that happen, we are a church that follows an order of service — a liturgy. In the message and sacramental meal, in specially selected Bible readings, and in carefully crafted songs, prayers, and creeds, the liturgy proclaims the good news about Jesus from start to finish.

What to wear to church

A common question we get from folks who are new to church is “What do I wear?” Some people prefer to wear a shirt and tie while others opt for jeans and a casual shirt. The important thing is that you are coming to worship. So please dress in a way you feel comfortable.

We welcome your kids in church

We seek to enfold young people into the life of the entire church and encourage them to participate in worship with the whole body of Christ. Children can learn about God next to the people who play the most important role in their formation as people — their parents.
For your convenience, we have a nursery where you can take your children if they need a moment. We love hearing the sound of those little ones echoing inside the walls of our church.

We gather an offering, but we don’t Expect our guests to contribute

The members of Immanuel Lutheran have joined together to support the Lord’s work in this community and around the world. The offering is our way of supporting the financial needs of that work. Without it we would not be able to continue our ministry in Kewaunee. So, while an offering plate will be passed, no one expects our guests to contribute money unless they wish to.


We are a bible based church

The Lutheran Church traces its history to a man named Martin Luther, a church reformer who lived primarily in the 16th century. That was a long time ago, but his work has influenced churches ever since that time. Our church is set firmly in the Lutheran tradition. Though not all Lutherans are similar, we are among the theologically conservative, which means we reflect what the Bible teaches with Lutheran theological emphasis.

We believe that people are born sinful, in other words people can’t help but do wrong and need to be rescued from sin and wrongdoing. Jesus is that rescuer. He is given to us by God’s undeserved love. We come to know him through the Bible. We are saved only by faith in him.